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"I refuse to believe corporations are people until Texas executes one."


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To remember. From the Latin 'recordis', to pass back through the heart.


-Eduardo Galeano


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When the great lord passes the wise peasant bows deeply and silently farts.




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What do you do when you're a huge mining company wanting a piece of indigenous land? It's the rule of divide and conquer. This, apparently, is common practice with mining companies..


See also:


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Dare to voyage across times, cultures and self. Especially self. Especially self on the beaches of times and cultures. Set your global positioning system to edginess, in-between.


-Greg Dening, Beach Crossings


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We must not be ashamed that we are capable of love, friendship, solildarity, sympathy and tolerance, but just the opposite: we must set these fundamental dimensions of our humanity free from their 'private' exile, and accept them as the only genuine starting point of meaningful human community.


- Vaclav Havel


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"Beware the anger of the patient man."

Or woman, I would add..

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"Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned."

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Watched this report last night on drilling for gas in australia, and the effects this is having on the environment, and on farmers.. I found this story shocking and outrageous. They're even going to do it near suburban homes. It's crazy and unfair and I bet not one ceo of the energy companies would accept this near their home.

It really brought home to me why, in the last federal election,  the Greens party captured more of the rural vote than they ever have before. I'm really liking the developing relationship between farmers and greenies!!

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There are a ridiculous amount of tweeters on this site..

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So last year I decided to visit with my daughter and niece this place here:

I did the practice run easily enough (see pics). But once I got onto the course proper, I could only finish one part out of the four available... Turns out I am really freakin' scared of heights and walking along wires amongst the tops of trees is just not my thing..

(oh, and trying to do this stuff in the rain really doesn't help)..Picture 550Picture 554Picture 562

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If breakfast is a baked potato with lavishings of sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, should dinner be weet-bix and a banana?

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I thought this is a great story on how to end a University semester with a laugh: on Saturday I went into Uni to hand in my last essay for the year. I printed the assignment out at home (my normal routine is to take the assignment in on usb drive and print it out from the Uni computers - but not this time). After I stapled the pages together, I noticed that my daughter had written in pink highlighter on the back of one of the sheets "Enrique Iglesias" (I've since asked her to please not put used paper back in with the clean stuff). So today I sent a quick email to my tutor explaining the situation and letting him know that I wasn't trying to send secret coded messages to him..

After a very stressful semester, I was so happy to be able to see the humorous side to this situation, rather than as just another stress I had to deal with.

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I was reading a friends blog post about health care today:
and it really got me thinking about the incompatiblity of health care and profit (though I've thought about this a lot before). For instance, in the Australian experience, there is a higher ratio of caesarean births in private hospitals than in public hospitals. For the statistic lovers: 

38.9% Private Hospital Caesarean rates (NSW)

25.8% Public Hospital Caesarean rates (NSW)

(Source: NSW Mothers & Babies Report 2006)

Many commentators like to attribute this to the 'too posh to push' factor, but I've always wondered if it isn't the profit motivation of the private hospitals that engender this higher ratio - a slice and dice treatment would be a bigger money spinner than a straight vaginal birth surely? Certainly, the Queensland public health system claim that a caesarean birth costs them twice as much as a natural delivery.

So when health care becomes business, and the business impulse is driven first and foremost by profit margins and 'the bottom line', the treatment given is never always the best treatment for that patient, but the most profitable treatment available, and I am loathe to ever consider that as a form of health care.

But to finish, and leave the topic of caesarean births entirely, clearly the staffing ratio my little odd friend experienced of 1 nurse to 8 patients is untenable. And clearly being the proud expat aussie I know she is, she will be only too happy to sign up to the 1:4 campaign of NSW nurses:

Viva public health care?? 

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Ok, so yesterday I was talking to a friend about facebook and I mentioned that I thought it was somewhat mindless and insincere. This is what I found on my newsfeed this morning on facebook:

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